4,000 new leads – InfoMentor, Brighton

InfoMentor provides pupil assessment software to schools. They were new to the UK market and needed to build brand awareness in a fiercely competitive market.

We developed a digital marketing strategy and plan which outlined all the activities, timings and budget required for an integrated digital marketing programme, with a series of whitepapers at the core of the strategy.

There was a considerable amount of change happening in the education market at the time with the introduction of a new curriculum and removal of attainment levels, leaving schools in the position of creating their own methods of assessing against the new curriculum.

How we created the best (probably) whitepaper ever!

Our goal for the whitepaper was to bring together all current best practice and thinking from thought-leaders within the sector. Through our online research (teacher forums and blogs) it became clear that schools were uncertain about what to do and felt very daunted by the prospect of creating their own assessment models. Seeing that a major conference had just taken place in London with experts in the sector sharing advice on this topic, we contacted the speakers and requested whether we can interview them for inclusion in the whitepapers. This strategy succeeded and I secured contributions from well-known experts.

infomentor uk case study

We promoted the whitepaper with an integrated digital media campaign using PPC, social media, Opt-in email (a bought in list of 21k head teachers, assistant heads and deputy heads) and magazine advertising.

The whitepaper campaign was an overwhelming success, resulting in:

  • Over 10,000 new visitors to the website
  • 3992 new leads, with names, school and contact telephone & email
  • Increase in unique visitors from an average of 400 to 2611
  • More visits to the whitepaper landing page than any other page on the site
  • Whitepaper 2, received 400 downloads in one day
  • Email campaign open rate of 31% compared to the industry average of 7%
  • Google SERP’s positioning of 1-3 on key search term (they were previously not ranking on any keywords)

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