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Suzanne Trainer by Suzanne Trainer | 6th November 2018

Want to be in the top spot on Google? You’ve come to the right place.

Achieving the holy grail of Google position 1 is no longer the job of an SEO specialist alone. It requires digital marketing, web, SEO, social and content all working together to achieve the same goal.

Everything that we do is driven towards getting you into position one, or at least the top three.

Go niche

As a small business you just can’t compete with the much deeper-pocketed larger organisations. The secret is to focus and go niche.

To understand what your customers are searching on, we perform online research and keyword analysis to identify the keywords and search phrases they use.

We then select those phrases, which are: most relevant to your business, have a decent amount of search volume (online demand), and are low competition.

be number one on google

For example:

Online kitchens is searched for twice as much as Online kitchen store but it’s also twice as difficult to rank in Google for online kitchens due to it being more competitive. Go for the lower competition phrase for quicker results.

Once your website has more authority, you can start to aim bigger and go for the larger volume search terms.

SEO your site

Once we’ve determined the niche keywords and search phrases you’re targeting, we then make sure they’re in all the right places on your site, which are:

  • The URL: For instance, instead of, use
  • Page title tags
  • Meta Descriptions the text that’s shown on your Google listing
  • Headings: H1, H2 etc
  • Alt image tags and image captions, where appropriate throughout your content

Content rules

Regularly add lots of high-quality content to your site and Google will reward you by ranking your site in its search results.

All that content gives more opportunities for keywords to be included, especially the longer term search phrases which make ideal blog post titles.

Example: What is the difference between software product a and software product b?

This is a type of search that’s performed a lot by people comparing software and they’re often further through the buying process and approaching purchase. If you’re software provider a or b, writing a comprehensive blog post comparing features of each software, is likely to be ranked and well-positioned in Google.

And if your content is really good and answers a question better than anyone else, you may even secure some top spot positions known as structured snippets. These really are the holy grail of Google as they’re not position one but position zero above everything else!

Inbound links

Links continue to play a critical role in terms of SEO. Some strategies we can use to acquire links to your site include:

  • Adding your site to local business directories and review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor and Google My Business.
  • Guest posting on popular sites in your niche. Even if you don’t get a followed link in your post or bio, the increased visibility you get makes it worthwhile
  • Sharing a press release online.

Check your site speed

It’s important to check site speed, as this is a major Google ranking factor. If your site is slow, you have little chance of reaching a high search position. It will affect your ability to convert and sell new customers too.

Test your website speed with Google now

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