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Content marketing is about having a process. A process of research, planning, writing and sharing combined with creativity.

It requires an understanding of your customers, their behavioural and buying traits, their challenges and pain points or desires.

We know how and where to look online to dig into your customer research. We delve into forums where your product or service is discussed, do our keyword analysis and dice the user intent behind search to formulate a picture of your customers.

And, most of all, we talk to you. We’ll listen to how you describe your ideal customer and why they chose to do business with you.

This gives us the knowledge we need to plan and craft your content around your customer needs.

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Smart ideas



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Press releases

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Blog SEO

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Article writing

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Content management

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Content proofreading


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We can write your marketing emails, social posts, web content, blogs, articles, whitepapers and case studies. We can also add content to your website in your Content Management System (where your website content is edited), keeping your site updated with fresh, Google-friendly content.
Leave it to us – we’re pretty self-sufficient and need very little input from you. Except, with case studies, where we typically need images and a bit of rough blurb to get us going.

Jelly Digital Marketing not only deliver to very high & exact standard, they are also delightful & amazingly efficient people to deal with too. We expect to be trading with the invaluable support of Jelly Digital for an indefinite period of time!

Chris Hearn  Veterans Raffle
Chris Hearn

Jelly Digital Marketing helped us form the marketing strategy and messaging for the UK division of InfoMentor and lead on a number of campaigns. This has contributed to our marketing team's success with a 320% increase in web traffic and a rise of 475% in subscribers to our emailing list.

Sophie Bishop  InfoMentor
Sophie Bishop

We were given some great digital marketing training by Suzanne at Jelly. She was so inspiring and insightful and very clear in her explanations. We were particularly impressed by how she’d taken the time to understand us as an organisation.

Katherine Bradshaw  Institute of Business Ethics
Katherine Bradshaw

With your help we have improved our website, messaging, social media activity and most importantly the number of new enquiries. To grow the website traffic to the levels you have is really a great testimony to your efforts

Ian Poupart  Trevor Blake
Ian Poupart

Case studies

New logo design in 2 weeks

logos redesigned

4,000 new leads

generate more leads

£1m of business generated

generated many leads for trevor blake

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