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Suzanne Trainer by Suzanne Trainer | 1st November 2018

On the Internet, it takes 7-13 touches with your company before a person becomes a customer.

During these touches, the customer is checking you out. They want to see if you share their values as a business.

Each time, they interact with you on social, on your website, in email, consistent branding ensures they know it’s you.

So the first place to start when thinking about your branding, is your logo design.

Logo design

The simplicity trend is the answer to the challenge of the modern high-tech world. With the growing importance of cross-platform compatibility, a logo must look equally good across a variety of backgrounds, from business cards and mobile apps to ad banners and websites.

gain and improve brand visibility services

Less is more and if your logo looks too busy, or a bit too DIY, it simply won’t work in building a recognisable brand.

Case study – Veterans Raffle

When we started working with the Veterans Raffle or YES Society as they were then known, we were appointed to run their digital marketing but it was immediately clear that the first task needed to be a re-brand.

The outcome of the logo redesign was a clean modern logo incorporating the official land, sea and air Pantone colours of Sky Blue, Signal Red & Royal Blue to demonstrate that the raffle supports veterans of UK Armed Forces and Emergency Services.

before after logo design redesign

Content – the voice of your brand

What does your content say about your company?
Everything you write and produce tells a story about who you are as a company, whether it’s the copy on your website, a blog that you wrote or the content of your emails.
Do you sound credible?
Are you giving helpful advice?
Do you sound approachable?
Do you have customer reviews and case studies to validate your offering?

These are all essential questions to ask yourself that will contribute to your authenticity and credibility that will help to build a positive association for your brand.

Case study – With Sympathy

When we started working with online funeral cards site, With Sympathy, the product descriptions were too short and lacked empathy and a softness expected with this type of product. We set to work on re-writing all 50 product descriptions to boost their SEO and customer appeal.

How about we work wonders with your copy? Contact us for a chat.

Your website

Whether it’s sharing your content, opening your emails or clicking on a Google Ad, all digital marketing activity revolves around getting people to your website. If your site is too slow, is hard to navigate or looks unprofessional, this impacts on how people see your brand. Check out our blog post on ways to improve your website for more on this.

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