Hollywood Beauty launch 'red light therapy' treatment

Suzanne Sullivan by Suzanne Sullivan | 22nd March 2011

Press release issued on behalf of client

Hollywood Beauty Salon & Spa, Hailsham is introducing the latest development to hit the beauty industry with the addition of Red Light therapy, a collagen producing unit aiding in skin rejuvenation and muscle toning.

A hit with the A-list since it first launched in the states in 2009, Hollywood Beauty Company are the only salon in Sussex and one of few in the UK to offer this ‘age defying’ treatment.

With this innovative therapy, you can undergo a safe, pain-free, relaxing treatment that’s an anti-ageing breakthrough. Not just for those wanting to look younger, it’s beneficial for people of all ages who would simply like healthier, clearer, more beautiful skin.

Already proving to be a miracle cure, the collagen treatments are helping customers suffering from psoriasis and eczema who after only a few treatments are seeing vast improvements. Other clients are reporting dramatic results including the disappearance of fine lines, cellulite and acne, reduction in joint pain, stretch marks and scarring, glowing and supple skin, stronger fingernails and even fuller lips!

Hollywood Beauty Salon Spa

Hollywood Beauty Director, Alex says:

We offer complete health, wellness and beauty treatments and the red light treatment combines all three! Having thoroughly researched the benefits of red light and its usage in the states, we discovered that this is the only treatment proven to actually reduce fine lines and blemishes, but even we are amazed by the results we are seeing. For instance, we have an 80 year old lady that came in with shingle scaring that she’s had for over 20 years which has vanished following her treatment.

With treatments starting from just £99 for a one month course, Hollywood Beauty is offering a free 15 minute session to the first 50 readers that mention this article and a complimentary ‘nail file and polish’ when purchasing a course as a mother’s day gift.

Bringing a touch of glamour to the leisure centre, you don’t need to be a Freedom member to benefit from the Hollywood Beauty services including teeth whitening, hydro massage therapy, spray tanning, spa packages and a range of beauty treatments. Watch this space for news about further salons opening soon throughout Sussex.

For bookings, please contact 01323 843 458.

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