Local honey - the perfect hayfever cure

Suzanne Sullivan by Suzanne Sullivan | 20th May 2011

This isn’t my usual type of blog post as it has absolutely nothing to do with marketing but I feel that this just has to be shared.

Towards the end of the March my little boy, who’s 2, started showing signs of suffering from hayfever.

Every morning, he would complain of sore eyes and he developed a strange little cough that sounded like he was trying to clear his throat all the time. We took a trip to the doc’s and was prescribed Piriton which worked a treat but do I really want to be giving his Piriton 3 times a day when he is only 2?

My hairdresser suggested local honey so I got online and found some interesting articles about it and details of a test that was conducted on hayfever sufferers, giving them local honey, nationally collected honey and a placebo. There was no conclusive evidence as they say it could be psychosomatic. Well there is no way a 2 year old could know I am giving him honey for his hayfever so I reckon they should test it on toddlers.

The honey needs to be locally produced as it contains the pollens local to you and is not filtered and is unpasteurised.

Anyway, it was just one week ago that I replaced the medicine with honey and it seems to be working and it’s got him drinking more milk as I put it in his milk – bonus! They say that you should start having a teaspoon a day before the hayfever season kicks in which I haven’t done so perhaps it depends on the severity of your symptoms.

Check these out for more info:

This is well worth a try – good luck!

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