Marketing Essentials in a Recession

Suzanne Trainer by Suzanne Trainer | 16th August 2010

There are many reasons why it pays to keep investing in marketing during a recession.

The key is to concentrate on the marketing activities which are most directly targeted to your potential customers. My advice is to adopt about 5 lead generation strategies and focus on doing them really well.

My advice is to adopt about 5 lead generation strategies and focus on doing them really well.

You may need to invest a little extra on professional advice, design and copywriting but it will make a world of difference to the effectiveness of your campaigns and success of your business.

Recommended Marketing Essentials

Define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What is it that makes your customers buy from you and not your competitors? Your USP should be at the heart of all your communications to ensure consistency and promote the benefits of using your products or service. Why not ask your clients for feedback? They will really appreciate being asked and it could lead to you gaining some great testimonials which you can use on your website and in your literature.

Marketing Essentials in a Recession

Define your markets and think laterally!

Is your target market seasonal, leaving you with quiet times during the year or are there high barriers to market entry making it hard to get established? An important part of marketing planning is the identification of new markets. A great tip is to network and attend trade shows – they can be a great source of new opportunities.

Use targeted & cost effective direct mail

Whether you are marketing to businesses or consumers, direct mail is a powerful and effective means of communication with your target audience, prospects and clients. By using a combination of regular, well constructed email and postal contact, you’re building valuable relationships and priming your contacts to do business with you.

Achieve a top spot on Google searches

Thousands of people everyday are searching for your product or service online, make sure that you have researched and identified your keywords and have an optimised website and online marketing strategy comprising SEO and social media to allow them to find your business on the net.

Build a profitable referrer network

In addition to your direct to end user promotional plan, identify, target and develop your potential referrers to get them referring business to you.

Good luck! If you need help and would like a chat about your marketing, please get in touch. We offer a free consultation, clear and competitive pricing and bags of enthusiasm and marketing expertise.

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