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Suzanne Trainer by Suzanne Trainer | 1st November 2018

You’re not alone. Most small businesses want more enquiries.

With digital marketing, there’s a whole host of ways to make this happen. Which is why we like to start with a plan.

Let’s plan

A digital marketing plan maps out where you want to be, for example, to gain 10, 100 or 1,000 new customers – this obviously depends on your business. And in which time frame- 3, 6 or 12 months. It then goes onto outline how you’ll get there and how much it will cost.

The plan will outline how we’ll use content marketing, the website, SEO, PPC, online PR and social media to achieve results.

Google Ads

To get you more enquiries, we’ll almost always suggest using Google Ads and possibly Bing Ads too.

We will do the keyword research and set up your campaigns targeting relevant keywords and locations to position your business on Google page one, or at the top of the search results in position 1 if that’s where you want to be. We’ll take care of the ongoing campaign management. All you have to do is tell us your budget and leave the rest to us.

get more business enquiries

Website design

Quite often, the reason for lack of enquiries is a poor-performing website.

We would always recommend getting your website ship shape before spending any money on paid online advertising, such as Google Ads.There’s no point in spending money on driving people to your website if it’s failing to convert them.

There could be any number of things wrong with the site, some of which are highlighted on our website design page and our blog post on improving your website.

It’s still a common mistake for businesses to focus on a design that looks good rather than one that maximises their conversion rates. These mistakes are subtle, but they do a lot of damage. Fixing these mistakes takes work, but it’s not rocket science.

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