700% Uplift in web visitors

700% Uplift in web visitors

Trevor Blake are a commercial refurbishment company, based in Gatwick, West Sussex, whose clients are based across the South East. Their main challenge was reducing their dependency on repeat business. With no new business being brought into the company, they were in a position of high risk.

They have no-one working in marketing and so I was appointed to look after their marketing strategy, campaigns and content development, on a one day a week basis.

Crucial to the success of a digital marketing campaign is an attractive, easy to navigate and search engine optimised website. As the Trevor Blake website was outdated and poorly optimised, the first task was to work with my web developer to create a mobile-friendly, new website for them.

The next step was to develop a digital marketing strategy which integrates SEO, PPC, social media, opt in email and PR to increase web traffic and build brand awareness.

Digital marketing with amazing results

I regularly create unique, sharable and keyword optimised content which is added to the website and shared on social media and use PPC and email campaigns to continually drive new prospects to the site and keep Trevor Blake at the top of Google on relevant searches.

  • Website traffic has increased from an average of 300 unique visitors up to June 2014 to 2079 in June of this year
  • Revenue from this channel has gone from £0 in June 2014 to £750k in September 2015

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