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SEO Agency services to turn an invisible business into a visible one. 

If your company website is dwindling somewhere past page one of Google, no-one if going to find you. 

SEO (search engine optimisation) is for businesses of all shapes and sizes that are serious about being discovered online, not only through Google Ads, but in organic (non-paid) search results. 

What will we do for you?

We will improve your search engine rankings and drive more relevant traffic to your website.

But that’s not where it ends. We then look to increase the number of conversions on your website, so that this increased traffic leads to more sales and more enquiries. Because, after all, that’s all that really matters.

Our professional SEO service includes technical SEO, content marketing and web design and development.

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Why choose Jelly Digital Marketing as your SEO agency?


Friendly account management

Your SEO account will be managed by real human beings and very experienced ones at that.  You’ll have a campaign manager who is a SEO professional with many years of experience in growing businesses online, that you can speak to and email.


Voice search optimisation

One fifth of the queries on Google are now voice searches.  With the increase in the use of digital assistant, optimising for voice search is critical to a businesses future online success. And yet, SEO for voice search isn’t readily available and within budget for small businesses until now, with Jelly Digital Marketing as your SEO partner.


Local SEO agency for Brighton & Worthing

We still believe in the power of a catch up over a coffee, whether it’s to get to know you when we start or to update you at the end of the month, so if you’re local, we’ll happily meet up for a chat about your SEO opportunities and progress once we begin working together.  And if you’re not local, not to worry, we use video calls, email and good old fashioned telephone, to keep in touch. 


Transparent reporting

At Jelly Digital Marketing, we put the effort into creating a monthly report about your campaign which shows you what has been accomplished, how it has been done, and how our work is making your website more visible online. 

And it’s all in Plain English. There’s no unnecessary jargon in our reports.


No contracts or retainers

We are happy to earn our keep each month and show you that we are really committed to growing your business as quickly as possible.  Our aim is for you to love our SEO agency service because of the results we deliver – not because you’re tied to us with a contract.


Digital Marketing experts

If you’re looking for a SEO agency that combines SEO, Paid Search (Google Ads) and Social Media Marketing to deliver the very best results for your business, get in touch. 


What we offer:

Pay per Click

Keyword Research

Online presence

Online presence



Keyword targeting

Backlink analysis

Traffic boost

Traffic boost

Landing page optimisation

Link building

Return on investment

Content generation

Page one

Page one

SEO – What we do

  1. Website SEO audit
  2. Create a keyword map to ensure each page is optimised for the right keyword.
  3. Write unique keyword friendly meta-descriptions for all pages based on a keyword map. The meta descriptions will also act as a Call to Action from the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)
  4. Create H1 tags for each page. These main headings would all have the focus keyword for each page in them.
  5. Edit the images on the site by adding “Alt text”
  6. Review and edit website content (for SEO and also for user conversion)
  7. Improve the speed of your website on mobile and desktop. This will mean people are likelier to stay onsite, and also improve how Google ranks your website. 


On-going monthly SEO 

  1. Carry out a link building campaign to improve your domain authority.
  2. Google My Business optimisation.
  3. Add ‘location’ pages for businesses targeting multiple geographic areas
  4. Expertly crafted copy i.e blogs that’s relevant and authoritative
  5. Voice search optimisation – adding question-based content and Q&A’s and identifying and building for featured snippet opportunities
  6. Blogger outreach
  7. Advise and assist in the creation of video content
  8. Monitoring and reporting: we use tools and analytics to measure the performance of our work.Whether you’re new to PPC ads or are moving existing PPC campaigns under our PPC Management, we always kick off with a thorough fact-find about your business to understand your business goals and customer groups you are targeting.  

Jelly Digital Marketing not only deliver to very high & exact standard, they are also delightful & amazingly efficient people to deal with too. We expect to be trading with the invaluable support of Jelly Digital for an indefinite period of time!

Chris Hearn  Veterans Raffle
Chris Hearn

Jelly Digital Marketing helped us form the marketing strategy and messaging for the UK division of InfoMentor and lead on a number of campaigns. This has contributed to our marketing team's success with a 320% increase in web traffic and a rise of 475% in subscribers to our emailing list.

Sophie Bishop  InfoMentor
Sophie Bishop

We were given some great digital marketing training by Suzanne at Jelly. She was so inspiring and insightful and very clear in her explanations. We were particularly impressed by how she’d taken the time to understand us as an organisation.

Katherine Bradshaw  Institute of Business Ethics
Katherine Bradshaw

With your help we have improved our website, messaging, social media activity and most importantly the number of new enquiries. To grow the website traffic to the levels you have is really a great testimony to your efforts

Ian Poupart  Trevor Blake
Ian Poupart

Case studies


Charity raffle re-brand in a staggering 2 weeks!


logos redesigned


4,000 new leads for school software supplier


generate more leads


£1m of new business through digital marketing in 12 months


generated many leads for trevor blake


400% uplift in online brand awareness


logos redesigned


Business growth grant funded marketing support


logos redesigned


532% increase in social media traffic 


logos redesigned

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