Content Marketing

Content marketing is about providing information, advice, resources, and trustworthy content to a customer base or defined target audience.

It's also concerned with targeting the right content to where customers are in their user journey. During nearly two-thirds of the buying cycle (early research phase), prospects are using online search, talking to peers and reading what others have to say to form their opinion of a company before they attempt to contact them.

The content during the reach phase must be in the language of the buyer, answering the questions posed, without selling, to accelerate the buyer along their journey, whereas the content during the convert phase dives deeper into the product or service benefits.

Jelly Digital Marketing 5 stage approach to content strategy and delivery:

  1. Identify which formats will work best for your customers. Formats include articles, e-books, whitepapers, emails, press releases or print.
  2. Research which content types will work best: 'how to', reviews, ask the experts, surveys, checklists, demos or testimonials.
  3. Create content for you.
  4. Share content across social platforms.
  5. Track the key metrics and map them to the goals.

Following a website audit or development of a digital marketing plan, Jelly Digital Marketing can put in place a content plan to form an inbound marketing strategy.

Suzanne's work has included the creation of videos, writing copy and campaigns covering multiple channels including digital, pay per click and email. Suzanne has contributed written copy for various purposes from PR, awards and whitepapers to social media posts. Her copy writing is always of high quality and completed very quickly.

InfoMentor, Educational software supplier

Content marketing services

Most companies need to provide around 10 customer touch-points before a purchase occurs, these include many content pieces, which can be provided by Jelly Digital Marketing.

Updating your website

Web content, blogs, articles and case studies will be written and added to your website, keeping it updated with fresh, Google-friendly content.

Whitepapers, guides and e-books

Whitepapers, guides and e-books can be produced to engage people in your content and capture personal information when provided as gated content.


Video provides information on demand, making it easy for consumers to research products and aid the buying process. Customer testimonials are more convincing, software features are brought to life and brands are personalised with video. I have an excellent contact in video production, who I trust to deliver high quality (affordable!) videos for my clients.


Copy can be written for anything else that you may need such as brochures, adverts and letters.

Recent project

With Jelly Digital Marketing's support, educational software provider, InfoMentor, acquired 4,000 new leads with a content marketing campaign.

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