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Suzanne Trainer by Suzanne Trainer | 20th July 2010

After 12 years of working within and heading up company marketing departments

Then taking time off to have my son and enjoy the first 9 months of his life without the interruptions of work…

I launched myself as a freelance marketing consultant. Having established myself, with a steady stream of work, I decided to set up and launch Jelly Digital Marketing.

My aim to to provide affordable marketing solutions to companies that do not have marketing expertise in-house. Typically, they are trying to balance the running of the business, with managing their team and often, being hands-on in the business. This leaves very little time for the important and essential task of marketing the business.

Many business owners make the decision to ‘do the marketing’ themselves, deciding which marketing initiatives they need and then implementing the campaigns themselves. Too often, this is where what’s thought to be a cheap way of doing marketing, ends up resulting in expensive mistakes and a misplaced spend of valuable budget.

Welcome to Jelly Digital Marketing

I offer a fresh pair of eyes to come in and take a good hard look at what you are doing to promote your business, and it goes much further than that. Being from a senior management background means that I have the experience to think about the wider impact of a marketing decision and will help you to consider the impact on sales, and customer service too.

Please get in contact if you’d like a fresh approach to your marketing.

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